How to Find the Best Insulation Companies in Toronto?

cellulose insulation in toronto

We know the hurdle of looking for the best insulation companies in Toronto, as you have to fill many checkboxes to get the right one. This may include their commitment to the work, the number of experiences they possess, and much more.

So, let’s explore some of the significant pointers that will assist you in finding the professional insulation company near you. Whether you are making up your mind for cellulose insulation in Toronto, or you are looking for spray foam, all insulation installers should possess some core values which can’t be ignored.

So, without any delay, let’s start over!

Look for professional insulation companies in Toronto

You must call a professional insulation contractor for the job. They will assess, inspect, and suggest your insulation needs based on your location and home design. 

The expert will suggest which areas need insulation and the amount required for added comfort and energy savings. You can also seek recommendations from friends and neighbours.

Confirming the credentials and memberships

Reputable contractors of the market are usually part of local groups like:

  • Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA)
  • Insulation Contractors of America (ICA)
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Other professional organisations. 

Ask the contractors you talk to for a list of their memberships. If you have any questions, reach out to these organisations for clarification.

See references of insulation installers in Toronto

Professionals take pride in their work, so you must have a list of the recent customers of the insulation contractors, and then contact them for references. They will make your job easy. This is one of the core and integral parts when you look for the best insulation companies in Toronto.

Compare their products and ensure guarantee

If you are seeking insulation installers having only one core insulation expertise, then you must compare the products available. Some insulation needs chemical treatment for fire safety. Ensure you are offered choices that are thermally efficient, noncombustible, and safe.

Determining the R Value and thermal performance

Whenever you are searching for the best insulation companies near me, you must seek professional advice. And then make sure that they clearly outline the materials and work to be done. 

For insulation, focus on R-Values (not inches) to determine thermal performance. The R-Value measures insulation’s resistance to heat flow, with higher values indicating better insulation.

See how much insulation is needed

As energy costs are so high, it is a wise idea to add more insulation to achieve higher R-Values, thus reducing energy consumption. In many regions, the requirement for insulation is determined by heating costs.

However, air conditioning costs are more significant in other regions. 

So, always seek those insulation services in Toronto that give you the real time cost, and the need of insulation for your space.

Analyse the services of insulation installers in Toronto for a new home

If you’re building a new home, then you must make sure that the insulation contractor does the job correctly. Request your home builder to choose a Certified Insulation Contractor. It is certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center. 

Getting your hands on the best insulation installers in Toronto can not only do the job professionally but also come up with promising and long lasting results.

They ensure that your new home will be properly insulated, providing comfort and energy efficiency as well. 

Insulation services in Toronto

Spray foam insulation in Toronto

Toronto Crown Insulation- Your Go-to Insulation Companies in Toronto

Whether you need spray foam insulation installation or you are looking to re-install the insulation of your home, Toronto Crown Insulation has your back.

Our talented team keeps themselves updated from the latest market trends and innovative methods of installing insulation, thus making your Toronto insulation process quite easy.

Give us a quote, or book your appointment, and let our team of professionals handle your project by inspecting and suggesting valuable insulation tricks. 


Let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions related to the insulation installation in your Toronto’s home. The questions that we will unwrap have been asked more often and majorly by the clients, so here you go!

How do I choose an insulation contractor?

Consider these factors for new construction.

  • Trust a professional. 
  • Request credentials.
  • Check references. 
  • Compare products. 
  • Get an estimate. 
  • Determine the right amount of insulation. 

Is R60 insulation worth it?

The areas having harsh weather conditions demand R49 or R60 insulation. But you can avoid their higher prices in milder regions. Standard R-values may range from R13 to R60 as some products offer values higher or lower.

What is the recommended R-Value for insulation in Ontario?

Ontario falls into Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the weather. The recommended R-Value is between R60 to R80. 

According to the Department of Energy:

  • Loose-fill Cellulose has R-Values of 3.1 – 3.8 per inch. 
  • For R-60 (Good Insulation), you would need between 19 and 22 inches.
  • For R-70 (Better Insulation), you would need between 22 and 25 inches.

What is the best attic insulation for Ontario?

If your ceiling has an attic, the insulation should be higher:

  • Good Insulation: R-60, with Batt or Blown Insulation.
  • Better Insulation: R-70, with Batt or Blown Insulation.
  • Best Insulation: R-80, with Batt or Blown Insulation.

What is the most cost-effective way to insulate?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent material for safeguarding homes, food, and sensitive items due to its cost-effective and efficient insulation properties. In fact, when it comes to the R-value per dollar, EPS stands out as a top performer.

What is the best insulation with the highest R-value?

Rigid foam insulation is the famous choice for achieving the highest R-value in home insulation. With an R-value ranging from R-4 to R-6.5 per inch of thickness, it’s ideal for insulating exterior walls, including basement walls as well.


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